Our success stories

We're highly motivated by responses across the world and in local communities already. We received this message from someone based in Chicago. From our conversation she struggled with epilepsy for years not knowing her possible triggers. From the list of possible triggers we shared she was wowed to realize reading could be a possible trigger to her seizures cos she loves to read.


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Meet Precious

A 17year old girl who lives opposite DJ Electra's home who had a seizure and as usual everyone ran away from her and left her run into the street. DJ Electra's Mother took all necessary precautions and showed everyone what to do in such situations. DJ Electra's mum told the people about DJ Electra Epilepsy awareness.
DJ Electra visited this young lady not only shared her story but took her to adolescents health center at oshodi where she was properly attended. She got all expense paid medical treatment for the first time in her life. One of this young lady's epileptic triggers is noise. DJ electra provided her with temporary cotton wool to reduce noise pollution as there was no ear plug available in all pharmacy in ajah community even at the hospital in thesame community and Yaba.

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