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My Name Is Faith Uche Stevens popularly known as DJ Electra.

Faith Uche Stevens popularly known as DJ Electra is widely recognized as The inspiring Dj due to her philanthropic efforts. She uses the profits generated by her entertainment organization Electra Music Empire Ltd for humanitarian purpose to empower youths in local communities, also she creates awareness about epilepsy to reduce stigmatization against those living with the condition.

DJ Electra started working professionally in 2009 as a disc jockey at Pub One Lounge in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Bukkahut Lounge also in Lagos, where she has been and is currently the resident DJ for their Saturdays epic night for 7years. She has performed for top Lagos restaurants, Lounges and clubs.
She also performed at the Thailand Festival (Songkran Festival) Organized by Orchid House Restaurant. She was an ambassador to two Organizations. Dj Electra renders her DJ service on voluntary donations. She is well known and respected in Nigeria for her people skill and professionalism.
It is inspiring and admirable to learn about DJ Electra’s charitable work and her efforts to create awareness about Photosensitive Epilepsy, a condition she has managed to control the signs and triggers.

NOTE: Seizures varies in various individuals. Rather than dwelling on self-pity when clients chose not to work with her upon learning about her health condition, she channeled her experiences into something positive by creating awareness about epilepsy and its different forms, she is helping to educate people and reduce the stigma surrounding the condition.

Her efforts may also inspire others who are living with epilepsy to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities. The maiden epilepsy awareness charity event was held at the women's correctional facility Kirikiri on International Epilepsy Day February 13th. Electra has her travel and health insurance set for booking outside the country.

DJ Electra hopes to officially launch her music career soon to support her cause through music streaming. Although she couldn’t further her education as a result of the condition, she has, however, been able to live her life impacting lives and inspiring people through her works.

- Most Outstanding Dj Of the year 2023
- First Female DJ to participate and graduate at the Academy for Women’s Entrepreneurs A.W.E (2022) and declared their official Dj
- Sponsored by Inside Out Media on her first sound project for a movie in London in January 2023
- Has Performed for U.S Consulate General Events Four times.
- Performed for International Visitor Leadership Program IVLP
- Official Dj For Rave TV (a channel dedicated to supporting youths growth in Nigeria)
- Official Dj For Madam Joke Silva's Glover Memorial Hall
- Founded DJ Electra Charity Organization
- Profiled in the December 2022 edition of the USGEAA article
- First female DJ in Africa to be included in the Afro Jam DJ Hall of Fame
- Official DJ in the critically acclaimed Kemi Adetiba’s movie: The Wedding Party (Part 1).
- First Female DJ to Receive Honoris United Universities certificate of appreciation for dedication to the JAMII Femmes training program by Women In Africa and The Coca-Cola Foundation.

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